Sunday, September 19, 2010


recently, i've been playing around with some new songs that i wrote. back when i was still in the mtv demographic, this meant you either spent the rent money on studio time or whipped out the handy-dandy tascam 8 track. both were inconvenient, but those were the choices available. now, however, all you need is a laptop, acoustic guitar, and microphone--leave the rest up to a bunch of 1's and 0's.

i'm not bitter, i happen to enjoy the ability to roll off the couch and build a song lickity-split. problem is, now EVERYONE is a fucking musician/rock star. i'm not claiming to be lennon, mccartney, page, or plant, but the refinement an arrangement went through by the time it was finished is an element--as well as a discipline--that few of these whipper-snappers understand.

does it make me feel old? nah, i'm comfortable with my age. i guess my point is: when the art is this accessible the gems seem a little less luminescent. everyone deserves to express themselves, but do they need to completely saturate the airwaves (um, i mean the ether). maybe napster hammered down the nails in music's coffin, but i'll wager that the abundance of home recorded rock stars account for a good share of music's demise, dulling our collective senses with unrefined, and at times self-indulgent, songwriting/production along the way.

i guess i am just a grumpy old man.

a-hem...with that being said, i'm starting to post rough mixes of a few songs on a few of the multitude of 'social' music sites. wow, what a hypocrite. :)

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